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Ski schools in Chamonix, Haute-Savoie, France

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Book ski lessons in Chamonix with one of the traditional ski schools or with an independent ski instructor. Ski-Pro offers choice and control: see all offers for ski lessons in Chamonix and get the best deal for your winter holiday in the Alps.  
Private ski lessons in Chamonix offer a tailored learning experience for beginners, intermediate and advanced skiers. Kids and adults can count on maximum attention from their own private ski instructor and maximise progress in a day or week. Group ski lessons in Chamonix offer a fun experience at any level.

Ski schools in Chamonix

Book a wide range of ski lessons at your preferred ski school in Chamonix at a great price. Ski lessons in Chamonix are offered by: ESF Chamonix, Evolution 2 Chamonix, European Snowsport & Freedom Snowsports.

ESF Chamonix

Part of the French ski school chain "École du ski français", ESF Chamonix has been part of the Chamonix valley for many decades, employing over 280 ski and snowboard instructors during high season. Whether you are looking for ski lessons for your small toddler or off-piste guiding services, ESF Chamonix offers it.

Group ski lessons for children in Chamonix with ESF Chamonix

ESF Chamonix offers group ski lessons for children of all levels. The ski school divides its group ski lessons for children into beginner classes, or 'Vallée' and classes for experienced skiers or 'Altitude'. 

Vallée group ski lessons for children in Chamonix

To begin or improve, ESF Chamonix has it all. From beginner classes to 3rd star, ESF's specific program prepares children for the test at the end of the week. Technical progression, personalized supervision and lots of fun are at the heart of the lessons. ESF's educational experience and know-how will provide your child with high-quality training and teaching delivered in a friendly atmosphere. In a group lesson format, your child will join other same level skiers and be guided down the slopes of Chamonix on runs that match their level.

Altitude group ski lessons for children in Chamonix

In the "Altitude" course your child will start to ski on the higher slopes of the resort under the watchful eye of their ski instructor. Your child will enjoy skiing in the Brévent-Flégère areas of Chamonix, all conducted in a safe and friendly atmosphere. In a group lesson format, your child will join other same level skiers and be guided down the slopes of Chamonix on runs that match their level. ESF's educational experience and our know-how will provide your child with high-quality training and teaching delivered in a friendly atmosphere.

Club Piou Piou: group ski lessons for small children aged 3 - 4 years

In the safety of the children's garden, your little ones will start their skiing adventure! When your child joins Club Piou-Piou their journey into skiing begins. ESF Chamonix instructors establish a program specifically adapted to the learning of children which prepares them for gradual progression. In the kindergarten, your little one will benefit from secure supervision in the company of his instructor who will be able to provide him with the pedagogy and know-how necessary for his progress.

Group ski lessons for adults in Chamonix with ESF Chamonix

ESF Chamonix offers group ski lessons for adults of all levels. As for group ski lessons for children, the ski school divides its group ski lessons for adults into beginner classes, or 'Vallée' and classes for experienced skiers or 'Altitude'. 

Vallée group ski lessons for adults in Chamonix

It's never too late to start skiing! ESF's adult lessons are the perfect way to start. Progress technically and gain confidence along the way. Make the right decision and start to ski the right way. ESF Chamonix is conscious that adult beginners, of any age, will have that slight apprehension before they start. With the help of our friendly and professional ESF ski instructors, you will be able to enjoy the pleasures of alpine skiing through our beginner group lesson format. You will be placed into a beginner group with skiers of the same or similar ability where you will enjoy a fun and relaxed atmosphere as you learn the basics of skiing. ESF instructors' experience and friendly technical advice allows you to achieve visible results and quickly gain confidence on your skis. 

Altitude group ski lessons for adults in Chamonix

Do you want to improve technically and join a group of a similar ability? ESF's 'Altitude' group lessons are ideal for adults that have been skiing before and want to continue to improve. These groups are formatted to ensure all participants ski with same or similar ability skiers. Conducted in a friendly atmosphere you will brush up on your technique, learn more about the art of skiing and all at your own pace to build confidence. Whatever level you happen to be, the ESF ski instructors will offer you a precise program where you can learn quicker and achieve the most out of your lesson. 

Private ski lessons in Chamonix with ESF Chamonix

Book a private lesson for yourself or a small group of family or friends of the same level. With a more hands-on approach, ESF Chamonix helps you to build confidence and learn new techniques with private ski lessons. Whether you are a beginner that's nervous at the thought of putting on skis, or a more accomplished skier that is looking to improve faster, ESF Chamonix offers private ski lessons that allow for added attention. Private ski lessons can be solo or in small groups of up to 3 or 4 people depending on the time of the year. ESF Chamonix's ski instructors can offer a more personalized approach to teaching that allows you to benefit from more focused and quicker progression.

Evolution 2 Chamonix

Evolution 2 Chamonix is a not only a ski school but an Outdoor Adventure Specialist offering various activities to enjoy the Chamonix valley all year round. Instructors at Evolution 2 Chamonix are professionals of the mountains; whether you are looking for a ski instructor, mountain guide, paragliding pilot or mushers, Evolution 2 Chamonix is ready to share its passion and make you discover the joys of the mountains.

Private ski lessons in Chamonix with Evolution 2 Chamonix

Do you want to have a private tailor-made lesson just for you? Private ski lessons are available up to 6 people per instructor and for the "off-piste" skiing it's up to 4 people. Evolution 2's ski instructors will offer you an individual approach and they will adapt it to your needs. Different techniques, safety training, carving, freestyle, checkup clinic, and the pleasure of off-piste skiing. When you book your lessons, think about what your needs & goals are, so your ski instructor can customize your lesson. Private ski lessons guarantee personalized supervision and progress. Private ski lessons are for 1- 6 participants of the same level.

European Snowsport

Whatever your skill level, European Snowsport will help you make the most of your time on the mountains. European Snowsport's ski and snowboard instructors work hard to deliver the best private ski and snowboard lessons in all of its resorts – Verbier, Zermatt, St Moritz, Chamonix, Nendaz and Val d’Isère – with instructors from around the world, who love to teach, have extensive local knowledge and speak your language.

Private ski lessons in Chamonix with European Snowsport

European Snowsport offers private ski lessons to skiers of all levels and ages. Private ski lessons are the quickest way to improve your skills on the snow for both adults and children; improve at your own pace with a dedicated and carefully chosen a European Snowsport instructor who will tailor your time together so that you learn in a way that exactly suits you. Video feedback is included for faster improvement. Beginners and children also greatly benefit from private ski lessons, as they learn the important fundamental aspects of skiing well, and at their own pace, creating a solid foundation from which to grow into a strong and confident skier.

Freedom Snowsports

Freedom Snowsports is a modern, new British ski school specialized in private ski and snowboard lessons. Ski instructors and snowboard instructors at Freedom Snowsports are hand-picked and at the top of their game. That being said, they are certainly not elitist but excited about delivering beginner ski lessons, introducing new skiers to the sport. At Freedom Snowsports it’s all about individual progression.

Private ski lessons in Chamonix with Freedom Snowsports

If you want to get maximum progress in the shortest period of time, go for private ski lessons with Freedom Snowsports. Private ski lessons can have any focus you choose. From refreshing your skills, building confidence, perfecting your carving, or guiding you on an off-piste adventure. The possibilities are endless. Freedom Snowsports' teaching is based around the individual students.

Chamonix ski resort

Historical Chamonix has a southern atmosphere and a rich history. The very first Winter Olympics, in 1924, took place in Chamonix. Its ski resort is divided into various sub-areas such as Les Houches/Saint-Gervais and: Brévent/​Flégère with a total of 175 kms of ski slopes. With 55 kms of blue slopes, 80 kms of red slopes and 40 kms of black slopes, Chamonix's ski region has much to offer to skiers and snowboarders off all levels. If you are looking for serious off-piste adventures Chamonix is the place to be! From Aiguille du Midi (3,800 meter above sea level) you can descent with a ski or snowboard guide all the way to the Chamonix valley.

Ski lessons in Chamonix: what to look for

Are you new to skiing or a confident skier who loves racing down the ski slopes? A lesson with an expert instructor will help you to improve your technique and hone your style. Whether you decide to take a group ski course or a private ski lesson - the ski schools in Chamonix will help you progress.

Booking ski lessons for the first time can be difficult, so what to look for when comparing and booking ski lessons online? Ski lessons can be booked as private lessons or as group lessons. For the latter, the number of participants per group can vary a lot. Then, finally of course price should be a factor to take into consideration!

Private ski lessons in Chamonix

If you want to achieve fast improvement, private ski lessons are the way to go. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced skier looking for off-piste challenges in Chamonix: private ski lessons offer a highly valuable experience for skiers of all ages and all levels. Enjoy one-to-one coaching or book a private ski instructor with your family or friends. Private ski lessons offer flexibility; whether you want to take a 2-hour crash course in the morning or have a private ski instructor accompanying you and your family or group of friends for several consecutive days and show you the best spots in Chamonix, private lessons can cater for it!

A private ski instructor completely focusses on your personal needs and adapts to your way of learning. In the end every skier is unique and requires personal attention in order to identify areas that need improvement while giving you the confidence to overcome barriers. Private ski lessons can be booked as a refresher course when you haven't been on the slopes for many years or boost your confidence after an injury. Experienced skiers can deep dive into technical aspects of carve skiing, freestyle skiing or off-piste skiing.

Private ski lessons can be a great way for your children to improve their skills in a matter of hours while being accompanied by a ski professional so you can enjoy your time on the slopes without worrying. Most ski schools offering private ski lessons offer the flexibility to pick you up from your hotel or to meet anywhere in the resort, so you have maximum time on the slopes. Even though on an hourly basis private ski lessons are more expensive than group ski lessons, you will need few hours to achieve significant improvement due to the intensity of the lesson.

Group ski lessons for adults in Chamonix

Group lessons offer a fun, sociable experience on your ski holiday whereby you learn alongside equally leveled skiers. Most ski schools in Chamonix organize a short assessment before the start of the first lesson to make sure that you are assigned to the right group. Group ski lessons are usually offered for 5 or 6 consecutive mornings or afternoons. Joining a group lesson in the middle of the week is usually only possible for experienced skiers. First timers need to start the course on Sunday or Monday.

When comparing group ski lessons, bear in mind that the number of participants in a group will determine how much attention the instructor can give you. Therefore, always check the maximum number of participants a ski school excepts in a group beforehand. Group ski lessons that appear to be cheap can be a sign that the ski school runs large groups, which will reduce attention from your instructor and therefore results in a less favorable learning experience.

Group ski lessons for children in Chamonix

Whether your child has never skied before or is an experienced skier, Chamonix offers plenty of group lessons for children of any level. Group ski lessons for children offer a fun experience where the children meet new friends while being on an exciting new learning experience with other children of the same level. Children group lessons follow a weekly program that brings something new to learn every day of the week! During their ski journey, the children discover the Chamonix ski region while making friends and improving by the day. Most ski schools in Chamonix organize a race at the end of the week!

Off-piste ski lessons in Chamonix

Go for the ultimate experience and book a private ski guide to show you the pristine nature of Chamonix's region. Off-piste skiing in our opinion is one of the most thrilling experiences in life! It is just you and nature. Book your private ski guide and discover Chamonix's endless off-piste possibilities with long descents through fresh powder, open mountain faces and adventures though the trees. Along with learning off-piste skiing techniques safety is always at the heart of the lesson.