The top 5 tastiest winter sports dishes!

On winter sports in Austria? You must try these dishes!

Are you going on winter sports in Austria next winter and do you want to enjoy culinary delights in addition to a sporty holiday? Then this list is for you! In this blog you will find the 5 tastiest Austrian dishes that will make your holiday unforgettable.

Wiener schnitzel with pommes

This delicious golden brown baked piece of meat is a must have when you have a big appetite. With a large mountain of fries, you are guaranteed to be full. A Wiener Schnitzel is the perfect way to endure a hard day of skiing.


It makes winter sports complete and everyone loves it. I am of course talking about the kaiserschmarrn. These sugared pancakes with raisins, jam and applesauce are one of the tastiest desserts you can choose. You can share them, but you can also eat them all together.

Goulash soup

If it's a cold and chilly day on the mountain, this soup will warm you up. The official Hungarian dish is a spicy and deliciously warm soup. The soup is richly filled with different types of meat and fish. This gives you a good recovery and you can stay warm even on the coldest days.


Are you a big eater and are you already hungry after a morning of skiing? Then the Gröstl is for you. A pan filled with fried potatoes, onion, bacon, beef and a delicious fried egg on top. With a Gröstl behind you, you can last all day.

Apple strudel with vanilla sauce

The competitor of the other delicious dessert, the kaiserschmarnn, is the apple strudel. An apple stud is best served with warm vanilla sauce. Also order a hot chocolate to warm up completely so you can get off the slopes warm again.