How Do You Make Your Ski Holiday As Cheap As Possible?

Winter sports are of course the best holiday there is. The only drawback is that it is not that cheap. Ski clothes, ski rental, accommodation, lift pass and you need much more. All this creates a considerable amount, but if I can tell you now that it can be a lot cheaper. In this blog I give you some tips.

Go to smaller areas

All those large ski areas look very attractive, of course. Hundreds of kilometers of slopes, the latest facilities, but this also creates a lot of crowds. Therefore, go to smaller ski areas. These are often very cozy and quiet. In some areas I sometimes have the slopes all to yourself. This way it is not only cheaper, but also quieter and cozier.

Spend the night in a cheap apartment

Those large hotels right along the slopes with swimming pool and sauna are of course very attractive. Your wallet will not find this attractive at all. These hotels are not normally expensive especially in high season. Look for a cozy apartment. Open Google Maps and look for small villages that are nearby. The apartments are often much cheaper there.

Borrow clothes from family or friends

You need a lot of clothing for a skiing holiday. Think of ski socks, thick winter jacket, gloves, helmet and ski goggles. If you are going on a skiing holiday for the first time, you probably don't have these items of clothing yet. To buy all these clothes new is an expensive joke. Therefore, try to borrow as much as possible. Ask friends and family if they have anything left. This really saves a lot of money!

Go in the off season

If you go with your kids this might be a bit more difficult. But if that is not the case, we advise you to go in the low season. This saves a lot of money, especially in France, but also in other countries in the Alps. The hotels are a lot cheaper. It not only saves your wallet, but it is also much nicer skiing in the low season. There are much less people and ski classes. This makes it very quiet on the slopes and you do not have to queue for the gondola.