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Book ski lessons in Flachau with one of the traditional ski schools or with an independent ski instructor. Ski-Pro offers choice and control: see all offers for ski lessons in Flachau and get the best deal for your winter holiday in the Alps.  
Private ski lessons in Flachau offer a tailored learning experience for beginners, intermediate and advanced skiers. Kids and adults can count on maximum attention from their own private ski instructor and maximise progress in a day or week. Group ski lessons in Flachau offer a fun experience at any level.

Ski schools in Flachau

Book a wide range of ski lessons at your preferred ski school in Flachau at a great price. Ski lessons in Flachau are offered by: Fischis Qualitätsskischule & Schischule Radstadt.

Fischis Qualitätsskischule

Fischis Qualitätsskischule is a family-friendly ski school in the heart of Flachau offering a wide variety of ski and snowboard courses. Fischis Qualitätsskischule's kids ski school offers group courses and private lessons specially for children or the whole family. The ski school's offer also includes snowboard lessons and private lessons in many more winter sports disciplines. Furthermore, Fischis Qualitätsskischule teaches cross-country skiing or can take you on an off-piste skiing tour. In order to ensure maximum attention, Fischis Qualitätsskischule has small groups with a maximum number of participants.

Group ski lessons for children in Flachau with Fischis Qualitätsskischule

Fischis Qualitätsskischule offer group ski lessons for children of any level.  Sport, fun and action are at the heart of the program. In between practicing ski techniques, the children ski through the Schlangental valley, jump over ski jumps and make new friends. The highlight of the week is the final race, at which every racing skier is given a certificate and a medal. Group ski lessons for children with Fischis Qualitätsskischule are from Sunday to Thursday from 10.00am to 12.00pm and from 1.00pm to 3.00pm. Wearing a helmet is mandatory.

Group ski lessons for toddlers in Flachau with Fischis Qualitätsskischule

Fischis Qualitätsskischule offers a special group ski course for children aged 3 - 5 years. The ski school's specially trained children's ski instructors take care of your children. Sports, fun and action are offered through games. Every day the ski school offers new skiing adventures organized by age group. Fun and games are at the heart of the program when building snowmen and having a go at the popular snow tubing. Beginner skiers take their first steps on our magic carpet and in the ski carousel.

Group ski lessons for adults in Flachau with Fischis Qualitätsskischule

Fischis Qualitätsskischule offers group ski courses for adults of every level of fitness and ability. From beginners (real skiing beginners, who have put on skis for the first time) through advanced skiers up to experts – you will be completely at ease with skiing. Highly qualified, certified ski instructors are there to help you and are also happy to give extra help to fearful guests on group courses. Participation in courses possible from 16 years of age. Group ski lessons for adults with Fischis Qualitätsskischule are from Sunday to Thursday from 10.00am to 12.00pm and from 1.00pm to 3.00pm.

Private ski lessons in Flachau with Fischis Qualitätsskischule

You want to have rapid success in your favourite winter sport? Or you would like to refresh and improve your skiing, snowboard or cross-country skiing technique? The fastest way to learn is to attend private ski lessons. Whether you come alone, with your partner or your family, intensive learning will bring you rapid success.

Private lessons have the great advantage that qualified and well-trained ski instructors can meet your individual needs more easily. This will improve your skiing style more quickly.

Treat yourself to the flexible, individual design of the course with your personal ski instructor. Even if you are afraid of heights or steep slopes, Fischis Qualitätsskischule's specially trained ski instructors will be happy to help you to improve.

Schischule Radstadt

Schischule Radstadt is situated in nearby village Radstadt but also offers private ski and snowboard lessons in Flachau. If you want the best learning experience private ski or privat snowboard lessons are the best option. Whether you are a complete beginner or an advanced skier, a private ski instructor can completely focus on your needs and goals. Furthermore, private ski lessons offer flexibility. You can book any time slot you prefer and choose your own meeting point.

Flachau ski resort

Flachau is at the heart of Snow Space Salzburg, an extensive ski resort offering 120 kilometers of ski slopes and 5 kilometers of ski routes. Flachau's ski resort is in between 740 meters and 1,980 meters above sea level offering 45 lifts. In Flachau you will find challenging freeride slopes as well as perfectly groomed slopes in widescreen format. With 34 kms of blue slopes, 82 kms of red slopes and 4 kms of black slopes, Flachau's ski area has enough to offer to skiers of any level. The price for a day pass ranges from EUR 25 for children to EUR 49 for adults. If you really want to be challenged as an experienced skier, we recommend to book a private guide and discover Flachau's untouched nature off-piste.

Ski lessons in Flachau: what to look for

Are you new to skiing or a confident skier who loves racing down the ski slopes? A lesson with an expert instructor will help you to improve your technique and hone your style. Whether you decide to take a group ski course or a private ski lesson - the ski schools in Flachau will help you progress.

Booking ski lessons for the first time can be difficult, so what to look for when comparing and booking ski lessons online? Ski lessons can be booked as private lessons or as group lessons. For the latter, the number of participants per group can vary a lot. Then, finally of course price should be a factor to take into consideration!

Private ski lessons in Flachau

If you want to achieve fast improvement, private ski lessons are the way to go. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced skier looking for off-piste challenges in Flachau: private ski lessons offer a highly valuable experience for skiers of all ages and all levels. Enjoy one-to-one coaching or book a private ski instructor with your family or friends. Private ski lessons offer flexibility; whether you want to take a 2-hour crash course in the morning or have a private ski instructor accompanying you and your family or group of friends for several consecutive days and show you the best spots in Flachau, private lessons can cater for it!

A private ski instructor completely focusses on your personal needs and adapts to your way of learning. In the end every skier is unique and requires personal attention in order to identify areas that need improvement while giving you the confidence to overcome barriers. Private ski lessons can be booked as a refresher course when you haven't been on the slopes for many years or boost your confidence after an injury. Experienced skiers can deep dive into technical aspects of carve skiing, freestyle skiing or off-piste skiing.

Private ski lessons can be a great way for your children to improve their skills in a matter of hours while being accompanied by a ski professional so you can enjoy your time on the slopes without worrying. Most ski schools offering private ski lessons offer the flexibility to pick you up from your hotel or to meet anywhere in the resort, so you have maximum time on the slopes. Even though on an hourly basis private ski lessons are more expensive than group ski lessons, you will need few hours to achieve significant improvement due to the intensity of the lesson.

Group ski lessons for adults in Flachau

Group lessons offer a fun, sociable experience on your ski holiday whereby you learn alongside equally leveled skiers. Most ski schools in Flachau organize a short assessment before the start of the first lesson to make sure that you are assigned to the right group. Group ski lessons are usually offered for 5 or 6 consecutive mornings or afternoons. Joining a group lesson in the middle of the week is usually only possible for experienced skiers. First timers need to start the course on Sunday or Monday.

When comparing group ski lessons, bear in mind that the number of participants in a group will determine how much attention the instructor can give you. Therefore, always check the maximum number of participants a ski school excepts in a group beforehand. Group ski lessons that appear to be cheap can be a sign that the ski school runs large groups, which will reduce attention from your instructor and therefore results in a less favorable learning experience.

Group ski lessons for children in Flachau

Whether your child has never skied before or is an experienced skier, Flachau offers plenty of group lessons for children of any level. Group ski lessons for children offer a fun experience where the children meet new friends while being on an exciting new learning experience with other children of the same level. Children group lessons follow a weekly program that brings something new to learn every day of the week! During their ski journey, the children discover the Flachau ski region while making friends and improving by the day. Most ski schools in Flachau organize a race at the end of the week!

Off-piste ski lessons in Flachau

Go for the ultimate experience and book a private ski guide to show you the pristine nature of Flachau's region. Off-piste skiing in our opinion is one of the most thrilling experiences in life! It is just you and nature. Book your private ski guide and discover Flachau's endless off-piste possibilities with long descents through fresh powder, open mountain faces and adventures though the trees. Along with learning off-piste skiing techniques safety is always at the heart of the lesson.