Not on the slats this winter? You can also do these activities on winter sports!

These are the best winter activities in the Alps!

Most people go on winter sports for skiing and snowboarding. But if that's not for you, don't worry! There are a lot of other activities to experience in the Alps.

To walk

The Alps are known for their beautiful hiking trails and scenery. Away from the hustle and bustle of the slopes, you can explore the area at your leisure. There are many groomed hiking trails that lead you to the most beautiful locations. So put on your snowshoes and brave these beautiful trails!


Tobogganing is a very fun and exciting activity. There is a toboggan run in almost every ski area. Tobogganing is for all ages but often the danger is underestimated. You can tap very high speeds and you only have your feet to brake. We therefore recommend that you wear sturdy shoes, but also a helmet, ski goggles and gloves. It all sounds very exciting now, but it's not that bad. Keep checking your speed and you'll come down unscathed and with a smile!


If you've been on winter sports before, you've probably seen them floating. Are you an adrenaline junkie who doesn't find skiing exciting enough? You should go paragliding. Enjoy the view and the magical feeling of floating among the mountains.

Visit a thermal bath

Are you done with all that cold and snow? Then visit a thermal bath. View the pearly white mountains from a warm jacuzzi. Delicious isn't it? The thermal baths are not only good for relaxation but also have a number of other positive effects on your body and mind. It can strengthen the immune system and is also an analgesic. There are thermal baths in plenty of places in Austria. So if you are looking for a little relaxation after all that skiing, we recommend that you visit a thermal bath.